Pure Natural Healing Reviews

Here Are Some Kevin Richardson & Master Lim’s Pure Natural Healing Reviews..

“Master Lim is the expert on the meridian system. He knows all the points that help you improve various ailments. I can feel more energy on the points he advised me to take more precautions with.”
Anthony H. Rochester, NY


“I had been experiencing neck pain for weeks, and Master Lim was able to relieve the pain in just 5 minutes! Thanks for teaching that technique, Master Lim. Would definitely love to learn more from you.” – Regina Burlington, VT

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“The DIY techniques that you taught our members is definitely useful as the Meridian Self-Therapy and massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a physic balance.” – Cynthia G. San Diego, CA

“I feel more relaxed and seem to sleep better after one week of practicing what Master Lim taught me.”
– Shane B. Sioux Falls, SD

“I used to have gastric and acid reflux problems. It was quite bad as the reflux affected my voice. I had problems talking to customers. After practicing the techniques that Master Lim taught, I was able to burp and overcome my acide reflux problem and have felt much better since.”
– Margaret N. Henderson, NV

“I never knew how important the spleen was until after I attended
Master Lim’s course. Since learninng frm Master Lim and regularly practicing the techniques he taught, a test showed my spleen energy has improved and is balanced. My lips color is better too. My digestive system and bowel movement has improved and I no longer feel constipated.” – Lenny J. Phoenix, AZ

“I had the flu and a blocked nose, and my shoulder was in terrible pain. Master Lim showed me how to relieve the pain. The tapping method worked well enough that I was able to sleep after relieving my shoulder pain and clearing my blocked nose.”
Aaron A. Denver, CO

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“I have tried other methods in relieving my constipation, however it took me half an hour to feel any effects. After learning Master Lim’s unique technique, I saw results in JUST 5 Minutes. Thank you for teaching this, Master Lim!” – Clara H. Columbus, OH

“I was in the bus that the air was not well and I felt like vomiting. I remember what Master Lim taught and start to do self-massage. I burped and after that I felt much better for the whole journey .” – Dolly H. Montogomery, AL

“I used to sweat uncontrollably, and always needed to change my clothes a few times a day. I’d had this condition for a long while, and despite having consulted specialists for my condition, nothing worked. But after going through Master Lim’s Meridian Self Therapy program, my condition improved. I no longer perspire as much, and I feel much happier for it. I even lost 5lbs along the way!” – Andrea Columbus, OH

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